aprilia RS660 Rear Shock Absorber TWIN PIGGYBACK RESERVOIR

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Properties :

The ARMYTRIX TRV-1 Sport Series is a Piggyback Dual Reservoir Damper with Sport Damping Settings.

Adjustable in four directions
- 15 click bounce
- 10 clicks on compression
- Spring preload
- Possibility to adjust the height by up to 5 mm

External double Piggyback tray
- Greater volume for damping, more effective comfort and control

Piston with wide valve range
- Smoother feedback on the road

The TWIN PiggyBack Reservo offers additional volume of oil and high-pressure gas to aid impact and effectively dampen impact while maintaining comfort and control.
Two-way adjustable damping allows for 15 clicks of rebound and 10 clicks of compression, allowing the rider to fine-tune according to road or track conditions.
Adjustable spring preload combined with an internal gas chamber supports a wider range of spring compression settings with easy adjustment, up to 5mm height adjustment.
The wide range of the valve piston is assisted by a simple harmonic motion control function for greater comfort even on the most demanding roads.

rs 660 rear shock absorber